Prof. Volker Wieland, Ph.D.

An expert in monetary theory and policy, Volker Wieland has been a member of the German Council of Economic Experts since 2013. He holds the Chair for Monetary Economics and is the Managing Director of the Institute for Monetary and Financial Stability at the Goethe University in Frankfurt.

Volker Wieland completed his PhD at Stanford in 1995 and worked at the Federal Reserve for the next five years in Washington. His research work has been published in the American Economic Review, the European Economic Review and the Journal of Monetary Economics.

Wieland began his professorship at the Frankfurt Goethe University in November 2000. Since then he has also been active as a consultant to the European Central Bank.

In 2008 he was awarded the Duisenberg Fellowship by the ECB. From 2004 to 2013 he organized the conference series entitled “The ECB and Its Watchers”, a public discussion forum with representatives from the ECB, academic bodies and the financial sector.

“Interest rates are no longer the sole factor determining the demand for credit. Just as important are the earnings prospects of the companies that will use the funds to finance new investments. And how creditworthy the banks think these companies are. It’s like the weather. When we have a hot day, it’s not necessarily because of increased CO2 emissions. It could also simply be summertime.”

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