Diplom-Volkswirt Mustafa Yeter – Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals

Foremny, D., R. Freier, M.-D. Moessinger and M. Yeter (2018), Overlapping Political Budget Cycles, Public Choice 177 (1), 1-27 .

Heinemann, F., M.-D. Moessinger and M. Yeter (2018), Do Fiscal Rules Constrain Fiscal Policy? A Meta-Regression-Analysis, European Journal of Political Economy 51, 69-92.

Stichnoth, H. and M. Yeter (2016), Cultural Influences on the Fertility Behavior of First- and Second-Generation Immigrants, Journal of Demographic Economics 82 (3), 281-314.

Discussion Papers

D.I. Christofzik, L.P. Feld, W.H. Reuter und M. Yeter (2018), Uniting European Fiscal Rules: How to Strenghten the Fiscal Framework, Working Paper 04/2018, German Council of Economic Experts, Wiesbaden.

Moessinger, M.-D. and M. Yeter (2017), Mayoral Candidate Characteristics in the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg, ZEW-Dokumentation Nr. 17-03, Mannheim.

Asatryan, Z., X. Debrun, F. Heinemann, M. Horvath, L. Ódor and M. Yeter (2017), Making the Most of the European Fiscal Board, ZEW policy brief Nr. 17-03, Mannheim. 

Döhrn, R., C. Dreger, F. Heinemann, O. Holtemöller, S. Kooths, T. Wollmershäuser and M. Yeter (2015), Fünf Jahre Euro-Krise - Eine Zwischenbilanz, Leibniz-Forschungsverbund Krisen einer globalisierten Welt, Working Paper No. 1, Frankfurt am Main.

Asatryan, Z., D. Foremny, F. Heinemann, A. Solé-Ollé, T. Stratmann and M. Yeter (2015), Better Fiscal Rules for Europe: Reflections Based on New Empirical Evidence, ZEW policy brief Nr. 15-04, Mannheim.