Dr. Désirée I. Christofzik

Since April 2019 Désirée I. Christofzik is Deputy Secretary General of the Council. She joined the scientific staff of the German Council of Economic Experts as economist for public economics in May 2015. She is member of the Working Group on Tax Revenue Estimates at the German Federal Ministry of Finance. After a research stay at the University of Exeter (UK), she worked at the Chair of Public Economics at the University of Siegen and participated in the inter-university graduate program of the universities of Marburg, Aachen, Gießen, Göttingen, Kassel and Siegen (MAGKS). She obtained her Ph.D. with a thesis entitled "Fiscal policy responses to institutional innovations".


email: desiree.christofzik@svr-wirtschaft.de
Phone: +49 (0) 611 75 - 2778

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