German Council of Economic Experts will be appointed as National Productivity Board

The federal government will assign the task of the National Productivity Board to the German Council of Economic Experts. Hereby, it implements a recommendation by the Council of the European Union as of 20 September 2016.

These national productivity boards are envisaged to provide independent analyses with respect to developments in the fields of productivity and competitiveness in the member states. This should involve analyses of the long-term drivers of economic development, and the conditions under which productivity and competitiveness can be increased. Among other things, these boards should provide insights on how innovation and the ability to attract investment, businesses and human capital can be encouraged. A broad consultation process at the national level as well as regular exchanges and intensive cooperation at the European level will feed into the analysis.

The GCEE has been dealing with the topics productivity and competitiveness in its annual reports since its establishment, and looks forward to taking over this task. Starting with the 2019/20 annual report, the council will annually lay an additional focus on these topics.