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Presentation of the Annual Report 2016/17 on 2 November

– On Wednesday 2 November, the German Council of Economic Experts will hand over its Annual Report 2016/17 to the German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel. At 12.00 noon the members of the Council Prof. Christoph M. Schmidt, Prof. Peter Bofinger, Prof....
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1,000th Meeting: Release of the Annual Report on 2 November 2016

– On 2 November, the German Council of Economic Experts will present its Annual Report to the Federal Government. This coincides with the 1,000th meeting of the Council since its foundation in 1963. As in previous years, the Council will analyse the...

Prof. Christoph M. Schmidt receives the Gustav Stolper Award of the Verein für Socialpolitik

– The Verein für Socialpolitik (VfS) has awarded the Gustav Stolper Award 2016 to Prof. Christoph M. Schmidt, president of the RWI – Leibniz Institute for Economic Research and chairman of the German Council of Economic Experts.
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Contribution on regulatory treatment of sovereign exposures of banks

– Mitigating the sovereign-bank nexus is a key policy target of banking sector regulatory reform in the euro area. An important, highly debated line of policy proposals aims at removing privileges for sovereign exposures in banking regulation. Based on...
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Working paper on sovereign debt restructuring in the euro area

– The working paper "A mechanism to regulate sovereign debt restructuring in the euro area" by Jochen Andritzky, Désirée Christofzik, Lars P. Feld, and Uwe Scheuering proposes a two-stage mechanism for the restructuring of sovereign debt during ESM...
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Working paper on digitisation

– The global economy is in the midst of an encompassing transition, reflecting the highly disruptive potential of the process of digitisation. Many German commentators even view the digitisation of production ("industry 4.0") as the harbinger of a new...