The comments in media and statements listed here were written by all or a majority of the Council members.

Statement on the German Recovery and Resilience Plan

– The Federal Ministry of Finance has published the German Recovery and Resilience Plan. It comprises a statement of the GCEE in its function as the National Productivity Board (in German only).

Extensive investments in education

– In a by-lined article in a national newspaper, the GCEE discusses the costs of the Coronavirus pandemic-related learning delays and the need for swift and comprehensive initiatives in education (in German only).

Utilising the crisis for digitalisation

– In a by-lined article in the newspaper ‘Handelsblatt’, the GCEE describes that the Coronavirus crisis should be utilised for digitalisation, especially to increase productivity and growth in Germany (in German only).

Economic stimulus package targeting of structural change

– In the newspaper 'Süddeutsche Zeitung', the GCEE describes three key stimulus measures that fulfil the claim of having a targeted effect, supporting economic recovery and accompanying structural change (in German only).

Relaxation of Corona restrictions: protection of health and the economy are not in contradiction

– The GCEE has published a by-lined article and compiled information in a paper on the restrictions on economic activity in Germany as a result of the coronavirus pandemic (in German only).

A uniform carbon price for Europe

– In a joint by-lined article in the ‘Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung’, the French and German economic councils argue for a uniform carbon price across all EU member states and sectors (in German only).