Press release

Presentation of the Annual Economic Report at Bruegel

– On 4 December 2015, the Council members Professor Schmidt and Professor Schnabel presented the Annual Economic Report 2015/16 at the event "Challenges for Europe and Germany" in Brussels organized by the think tank Bruegel. Professor Schmidt gave an...
Press release

Annual Economic Report 2015/16

– The German Council of Economic Experts presents its Annual Economic Report 2015/16 today. The report is entitled "Focus on Future Viability"

Economic Policy: Focus on Future Viability

– Annual Report 2015/16, Chapter 1
Monetary Policy

Euro Area: Slow Down Bond Purchases, Speed up Reforms

– Annual Report 2015/16, Chapter 4
Financial Market

Risks From low Interest Rates - Opportunities From the Capital Markets Union

– Annual Report 2015/16, Chapter 5
Labor Market and Social Policy

New Challenges for Labour Market and Social Policy

– Annual Report 2015/16, Chapter 6