Impulse statement on social market reform: Award for Professor Isabel Schnabel

Isabel Schnabel has been awarded a price for her speech “Can we still trust markets?” by the public discussion platform „Wirtschaftspolitischer Club Deutschland“ in Berlin on September 27.  Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, gave the laudatory speech.

Isabel Schnabel spoke on the balance between necessary adjustments of undesirable market developments and the use of market forces to foster economic prosperity. She argued that large crises are rarely triggered by market failure alone. Instead, they are often accompanied by government failure, which not only makes crises more likely, but also often aggravates them.

The platform “Wirtschaftspolitischer Club Deutschland” aims at enabling a discussion on future developments of “Soziale Marktwirtschaft”. Opinion leaders are invited to speak on current issues and offer their insights and perspectives on the possible solutions of current economic challenges.