Income inequality: an in-depth analysis

– Annual Report 2017/18, Chapter 9
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Publication of the GCEE Annual Report on November 8 – beginning of the quiet period

– The German Council of Economic Experts will hand over its Annual Report 2017/18 to the German government on November 8. During a quiet period prior to the event, the council members will not speak publicly from today on. Similar to previous years,...
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What is the role of the GCEE?

– Christoph M. Schmidt on the role of the GCEE at Hommes d'Afrique Magazine
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Impulse statement on social market reform: Award for Professor Isabel Schnabel

– Isabel Schnabel has been awarded a price for her speech “Can we still trust markets?” by the public discussion platform „Wirtschaftspolitischer Club Deutschland“ in Berlin on September 27.  Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and...

How to Renew the European Project

– How to renew the European project writes Christoph M. Schmidt for Project Syndicate: The French presidential and legislative elections earlier this year have instilled new hope in the European integration project, by raising the prospect of deeper...
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Professor Volker Wieland receives ‘Public Service Fellowship’

– Volker Wieland received the ‘Public Service Fellowship’ from the Alfons and Gertrud Kassel-Foundation at the Goethe University Frankfurt on June 20. The award recognizes his achievements in linking aspects of scientific, political and social...