Press release

Cabinet’s proposal regarding the reappointment of Prof. Isabel Schnabel

– The German cabinet has decided to propose the reappointment of Professor Dr. Isabel Schnabel for the German Council of Economic Experts to the Federal President Joachim Gauck. The second term of Professor Schnabel would end on 28 February 2022. Pro...
Press release

Time for reforms - Annual Report 2016/17

– The German Council of Economic Experts has submitted its Annual Report 2016/17 to Chancellor Angela Merkel. The report carries the title: "Time for reforms"

Economic policy: Time for Reforms

– Annual Report 2016/17, Chapter 1
International Economy

Global economy: Risk of overburdening monetary policy

– Annual Report 2016/17, Chapter 2
Economy and Growth

Germany: Expansionary monetary policy drives growth above potential

– Annual Report 2016/17, Chapter 3

Brexit vote: Averting damage, strengthening Europe through subsidiarity

– Annual Report 2016/17, Chapter 4