Carbon Adjustment Mechanisms: Empirics, Design and Caveats

– Working Paper 11/2020 by Niklas Garnadt, Veronika Grimm and Wolf Heinrich Reuter

Heterogeneous price and quantity effects of the real estate transfer tax in Germany

– Working Paper 10/2020 by Désirée I. Christofzik, Lars P. Feld and Mustafa Yeter

A note on Germany‘s role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

– Working Paper 09/2020 by Vanessa Behrens and Steffen Viete

Productivity Growth Through Innovation: Advancing Digitalisation

– The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a surge in digitalisation, at the same time, deficits have become apparent. The GCEE analyses in its annual national productivity report the factors and conditions for productivity growth and competitiveness.

Economic situation: Recovery depends on the course of the pandemic

– Annual Report 2020/21, Chapter 1

Tabellenband – Fragen zur Mehrwertsteuersenkung und zum Konsum- und Sparverhalten

– Working Paper 08/2020 by infas Institut für angewandte Sozialwissenschaft GmbH