High redistribution, low mobility

– Annual Report 2016/17, Chapter 10
Environment and Energy

The energy transition (Energiewende): Shifting towards a global climate policy

– Annual Report 2016/17, Chapter 11
International Economy

Transformation in China harbours risks

– Annual Report 2016/17, Chapter 12
Labor Market and Social Policy

Zur Vereinheitlichung des Rentenrechts

– Working Paper 08/2016 - Lars P. Feld and Anabell Kohlmeier
Financial Market

What Drives the Relationship between Bank and Sovereign Credit Risk?

– Working Paper 07/2016 - Isabel Schnabel and Ulrich Schüwer
Labor Market and Social Policy

Auswirkungen der Flüchtlingsmigration auf die langfristige Tragfähigkeit der öffentlichen Finanzen

– Working Paper 06/2016 - Bodo Aretz, Désirée I. Christofzik, Uwe Scheuering and Martin Werding