When and why do countries break their national fiscal rules?

– Working Paper 01/2017 - Wolf Heinrich Reuter

Influx of refugees: Integration as a key challenge

– Working Paper 09/2016 - Jochen Andritzky, Bodo Aretz, Désirée I. Christofzik and Christoph M. Schmidt

Propagation of Changes in Demand through International Trade: Case Study China

– Working Paper 10/2016 - Jochen Andritzky, Bernhard Kassner and Wolf Heinrich Reuter

Economic policy: Time for Reforms

– Annual Report 2016/17, Chapter 1

Global economy: Risk of overburdening monetary policy

– Annual Report 2016/17, Chapter 2

Germany: Expansionary monetary policy drives growth above potential

– Annual Report 2016/17, Chapter 3