Does Fiscal Oversight Matter?

– Working Paper 01/2018 - Désirée I. Christofzik and Sebastian G. Kessing

How to move toward European deposit insurance

– A proposed scheme could stabilize the banking sector in the euro area – if legacy issues and false incentives are eliminated first, says Isabel Schnabel at Handelsblatt Global

Die Wachstumsperspektiven der deutschen Wirtschaft vor dem Hintergrund des demografischen Wandels

– Working Paper 07/2017 - Sebastian Breuer and Steffen Elstner

Towards a forward-looking economic policy

– Annual Report 2017/18, Chapter 1

Global economy picks up speed

– Annual Report 2017/18, Chapter 2

Capacity overutilisation in the German economy continues to rise

– Annual Report 2017/18, Chapter 3