National Productivity Dialogue

Productivity: Improving conditions for growth

The National Productivity Dialogue, organised by the Representation of the European Commission in Germany together with the German Council of Economic Experts, took place this year for the second time and as a virtual event. 

The core topic of the event was the development of productivity in Germany and how innovation, digitalisation and industrial and climate policy can contribute to its improvement. In the National Productivity Report, the German Council of Economic Experts (GCEE) describes the development of total factor productivity (TFP) and the slow growth in productivity as well as the role of the innovation process and technological progress. On three panels, the participants discussed what is needed to make the economy more innovative and digital and how industrial policy opportunities can be created through climate policy.

You can find video recordings of the discussions below on this page. The complete programme can be found here.

The Framework Conditions and Obstacles in the Innovation Process in Germany were discussed by Jean-Eric Paquet (European Commission), Raffaela Rein (founder), State Secretary Wolfgang Schmidt (Ministry of Finance) and Prof. Volker Wieland, Ph.D. in the first panel.

Video in German only

In the second panel, Jochen Homann (Bundesnetzagentur), Jörg Hofmann (IG Metall), Dr. Marianne Janik (Microsoft Germany), Prof. Dr. Monika Schnitzer and Prof. Dr. Achim Truger discussed the Digitalisation in Germany in the Coronavirus Pandemic: Impetus and Deficits.

Video in German only

Climate Protection as an Industrial Policy Opportunity was the focal point of the discussion in the third panel with Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm, Andreas Kuhlmann (dena) and Hildegard Müller (VDA).

Video in German only

The National Productivity Dialogue provides a platform for regular exchange at national and international level on productivity. Promoting an exchange is one task of the German Council of Economic Experts as the National Productivity Board in Germany.