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Productivity gains are the key factor in increasing material prosperity in the long term. However, in many advanced economies productivity growth has slowed down in recent decades. Therefore, the analysis of long-term sources of growth plays an important role.

The German government has assigned the German Council of Economic Experts the task of acting as the national committee for productivity with effect from 1 August 2019. On recommendation of the Council of the European Union these committees are to be set up in all member states as independent expert bodies and shall examine how productivity and competitiveness can be improved. The Council of Economic Experts will publish a national productivity report each year and support the exchange of views at home and abroad in this function.


National Productivity Dialogue 2021

The National Productivity Dialogue was held this year for the second time and as a virtual event. The results of the Productivity Report were discussed in three panel discussions on innovation, digitalisation and industrial policy.

Productivity Growth Through Innovation: Advancing Digitalisation

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a surge in digitalisation, at the same time, deficits have become apparent. The GCEE analyses in its annual national productivity report the factors and conditions for productivity growth and competitiveness.

First National Productivity Dialogue in Germany

The National Productivity Dialogue took place on 10 February 2020 for the first time. The German Council of Economic Experts has organised the Dialogue as National Productivity Board together with the representation of the European Commission in Berlin.


Every year, the National Productivity Board organises the National Productivity Dialogue. You can find an overview of past events here.


A note on Germany‘s role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Working Paper 09/2020 by Vanessa Behrens and Steffen Viete

Öffentliche Investitionen: Wie viel ist zu wenig?

Working Paper 01/2019 by Désirée I. Christofzik, Lars P. Feld and Mustafa Yeter