Conferences and Consultations

Official hearings and meetings with national institutions

The German Council holds discussions with various national bodies and institutions to exchange views on economic developments in Germany and economic policy issues. These consultations are held in accordance with the law (Act on the Appointment of a Council of Experts on Economic Development). The German Council of Economic Experts may consult the relevant federal ministries and the President of the Deutsche Bundesbank and these will be consulted at their request.

Meetings with international organisations

The German Council of Economic Experts is in regular contact with international organisations and meets with delegations from official institutions of other countries.


International Conference

Since 2016, the German Council of Economic Experts has been organising the International Conference of Councils on Economic Policy. These meetings serve as a platform for intensified communication and cooperation on an international level with different institutions and councils on economic policy from all over the world..


National Productivity Dialogue

As the National Productivity Board, the German Council of Economic Experts has been publishing a national productivity report since 2019. The National Productivity Dialogue facilitates discussions around topics related to productivity and is intended to foster exchange at national and international level.


Lectures at universities, colleges and research institutes

After its publication, the German Council of Economic Experts and its scientific staff present the annual report at many universities, universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen) and research institutions to discuss its content and to present it to the public in accordance with the mandate of the German Council of Economic Experts.