Dr. Milena Schwarz - Publications

Peer Reviewed Journals

Bannier, C.E. and M. Schwarz (2018), Gender- and education-related effects of financial literacy and confidence on financial wealth, Journal of Economic Psychology 67, 66–86.

Bannier, C.E. and M. Schwarz (2016), Gender differences in financial risk taking: The role of financial literacy and risk tolerance, Economics Letters 145, 130–136.

von Blanckenburg, K. and M. Schwarz (2015), Monopoly Profit Maximization: Success and Economic Principles, Economics Research International.

Discussion Papers

Bannier, C.E., C. Schürg and M. Schwarz (2018), Ready, planning, go: The effects of financial literacy and financial confidence in the process of becoming an entrepreneur, Working Paper, mimeo.

Schwarz, M. (2018), When trading is hazardous to your wealth: Financial literacy, Gender, and stock selling during the 08/09 financial crisis, Working Paper, mimeo.