Gustav Stolper Prize 2018 awarded to Council Member Isabel Schnabel

On September 4, Isabel Schnabel, professor at the University of Bonn and member of the German Council of Economic Experts (GCEE), was awarded the Gustav Stolper Prize 2018 at the annual congress of the German Economic Association (Verein für Socialpolitik) in Freiburg, Germany.

The prize is awarded to outstanding scientists whose research has influenced the public discussion on economic policy and who have made important contributions to the understanding of current economic questions as well as their solutions.

Isabel Schnabel was awarded the prize due to her multifaceted contributions to the scientific discussion on economic policy, also within her role at the GCEE. With her expertise, especially in the fields of banking regulation and financial stability, she frequently gives fresh impetus to economic policy debates. This includes her proposals regarding the advancement of the European banking and capital markets union, e.g. on how to loosen the nexus between banks and sovereigns and on the creation of an incentive compatible common European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS).

The award was named after the economist Gustav Stolper, who was the founder and editor of various economic journals and publications. The laureate of the Gustav Stolper prize is chosen by the members of the German Economic Association. In 2016, the chair of the GCEE, Professor Christoph M. Schmidt, had also received this prestigious award.

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